The Importance of Health and Safety Signs for your Business

The Significance of Health and Safety Signs in Your Business

In any workplace, health and safety are crucial for your staff, customers and clients. One of the ways you can protect everyone in your workplace is with health and safety signs for your business. Signage is a vital tool for communicating the risks and hazards throughout your business.

Within any workplace, there are going to be risks that are industry-specific. Whereas there are risks that will be universal for all businesses. So how do you find the right health and safety signage for your requirements? To install informative signs for your business you need to work with a high-quality sign and display supplier.

In this blog, we’re going to explore how Pumpkin Sign & Display can supply signs for your business that improve your workplace health and safety:

Health & Safety Signs For Your Business

Right now during the COVID-19 pandemic, health and safety protocols are more important than ever. It’s vital to put up reminders of what your employers and customers need to do to stop the transmission of the virus. At Pumpkin Sign & Display, we have expanded the informative signs we offer your business. This includes COVID-19 specific signage so you can continue working safely during this new normal.

But for anyone’s workplace safety policy, it’s crucial to convey clear, readable messages. How a sign conveys a message is almost as important as the message it’s conveying. If health and safety instructions aren’t clear, there’s no guarantee your staff will understand what’s being asked of them.

There is a variety of clear to read signs we offer. Here are some examples of informative signage for your business we provide, including COVID-19 guideline signs:

Types of Health and Safety Signs

  • Social Distancing Floor Graphics
  • Hand Sanitiser Station Signs
  • Covid-19 Specific Health & Safety Signs
  • Cough/Sneeze Guards
  • Information Signs
  • Panel & Post Signs
  • Health & Safety Signs
  • Safety Awareness Signs

Safety Signage For You

Around your workplace, it’s crucial you increase the awareness of what your employees have to do to be safe. These include reminders to wash their hands or clean down machinery or reminders to keep their distance from a machine while it’s in operation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, certain safety signs are more important than ever. To provide a clear, temporary message our coronavirus safety signs are the ideal option.

These signs are an important part of working life. Often, they’re a vital factor in your business complying with health and safety regulations. For example, warehouse signs, site signs, office signs, school signs and road signs are all important for conveying health and safety messages. Whatever industry your business is in, our team will work with you to implement the right  signage for you and your business.

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