Why Your Business Needs a Great Livery Design

The Importance of a Great Livery Design for Your Business

What is a Livery Design?

A livery design is a sticker or paint theme combination added to vehicles for advertising or branding purposes. It’s most commonly used in motorsports to advertise sponsorships.

Why Do You Need A Livery Design?

Adding a livery design to your own, personal vehicle can have many benefits, especially if you have your own business. If you have a small, localised business it’s an easy way to get your name out there and attract customers. You can place your logo on your car along with a short slogan highlighting what you do and your contact details. Anyone looking for the services you provide can then get in touch – sort of like a moveable billboard.


Vehicle liveries can be a cost-effective form of advertising. Online advertising is now the most popular way to push your brand in front of millions of people, but it has a regular cost and unless you know exactly what you’re doing, a lot of the money could be wasted.

A one-off payment for a livery design on your car could attract custom for years and reach the right people in your local area.

-Increase Brand Awareness

Developing a livery design for your car that truly accentuates your brand can be a long process that needs to be thought through properly. You need to get across your brand colours, values, and benefits in just one glance at the traffic lights.

If you get it exactly right, vehicle graphics can be an extremely powerful form of advertising. If you’re a sustainable company, presenting a green image on an electric car can immediately attract people interested in that area. If you get your design just right, your branding will shine through and build trust immediately with your target audience.

-Non-Intrusive Advertising

People hate in-your-face advertising. Adverts that come up on YouTube or Google when you’re trying to search for something or watch a video puts a lot of people off, especially if they’re not directly aimed at the right audience.

Livery designs get your business name out there without being too intrusive. They’ll attract the people that are looking for your services or products and might even catch the eye of other people who didn’t know they were interested until they saw your car. It’s natural and unforced, making your business appear more friendly and approachable.


Livery designs are stuck on to your car and are easily peelable, so you can switch designs whenever you like. The vinyl design doesn’t damage the paintwork underneath and protects your car from marks and scratches. Your paintwork might even come out in a better condition because of your livery design if you ever want to sell your car.

The designs also stick in all weathers, so rain and cold weather won’t affect your car’s design.

-Professional Image

Adding vehicle graphics could improve your image as a business, especially if you use the same livery design on every car in your fleet. It shows that you care about your brand and makes you more trustworthy as a company.

Incorporating livery designs into your marketing strategy is a unique way of advertising your brand. You’ll need to consider the logo and colours in your branding in comparison to the cars you choose. This may determine the amount of livery you use – it could be a full car wrap, or just a few stickers showing your logo. Whatever design you choose, it has the potential to increase your profits and expand your customer base.

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