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What is a PVC Banner?

A PVC Banner Explained

PVC banners, also called vinyl banners, are made from a material called ‘polyvinyl chloride’. They are perfect for outdoor use and look great when you need to draw people’s attention. You’ll often see them at events like trade shows, but PVC banners can also be used indoors to display important messages or announcements.

They’re strong and waterproof, so your message will stay looking good no matter the weather. Plus you can customise them in a wide array of bright colours – so your message can stand out even more!

What are The Benefits of a PVC Banner?

There are numerous benefits to choosing PVC banners for advertising needs:


PVC banners are highly flexible and can be printed in any shape or size. They can be hung from poles, placed on walls, or draped over tables. This makes them great for any type of advertising needs, from small promotional displays to large corporate events. The versatility in their application and ability to be customised makes them a great choice no matter what your advertising needs are.


PVC banners are highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor use as well as indoors. They are waterproof (so they won’t be damaged by rain or snow) and they’re also resistant to fading, so your message will continue to look great even after a long period of time.

Easy to transport

PVC banners are lightweight and can be easily transported from one place to another without any difficulties. This makes them perfect for events like trade shows or conferences, where you might need to take your signage with you.


PVC banners are lightweight and easy to hang, meaning you can move them around with ease. Unlike larger and heavier signs, PVC banners can be hung quickly with minimal effort, making them perfect for when you need to set up quickly.


PVC banners are an affordable choice compared to other advertising mediums. They are cost-effective and can be printed in bulk, making them great for businesses that need to save money but still want quality results.

Types of PVC Banner

When it comes to PVC banners, there are several types you can choose from. Here are the most popular:

Standard PVC Banner

Standard PVC banners are the most popular choice for businesses looking for a durable, easy-to-hang sign. They offer maximum impact and visibility with their vibrant colours and bold graphics. They are perfect for events like trade shows or conferences – they can be hung easily on walls or poles and can withstand adverse weather conditions due to their waterproof material. Plus, these banners are lightweight and easy to roll up and store.

PVC Mesh Banners

PVC Mesh banners are a great choice for businesses looking to hang their banner outside and don’t want to have to worry about it being damaged by the elements. This material is made from perforated PVC, meaning it allows air and light to pass through while still providing your message with maximum visibility. This makes them great for use in any environment, especially if your sign will be located in a potentially windy outdoors setting.

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