Different Types of Exhibition Stands And Their Uses

The Different Types of Exhibition Stands And Their Uses

There are hundreds of exhibitions every year in the UK, ranging from small local ones to large events filling exhibition centers. You can use exhibition stands to showcase your business to attract sales or give advice to prospective customers.

Display stands need to engage your target audience. To do this, businesses could incorporate some form of incentive such as a refreshment area, a TV screen playing images of your work or some interactive technology to play with. This will help your exhibition stand to engage with someone and start building a relationship.

The Different Types Of Exhibition Stands And Their Uses

Exhibition stands come in a variety of forms and are designed with the impact you want to make, your budget, and ease of setting up at a show or exhibition. The display stand will incorporate 2D printed graphics, but a custom-designed exhibition booth with its 3D architectural form will make you stand out from the crowd.

Pull-up banners and pop-up systems – These are the easiest display to use, quick to assemble, and low cost.

Shell scheme space – A cost-effective display stand solution.

Modular exhibition displays – Constructed from different sections joined together, they offer a fully integrated graphic display.

Custom modular exhibition stands – They are reconfigurable giving unique solutions that will stand out in the exhibition hall.

Custom built exhibition stands – These are for serious exhibitors set in prime locations, but as a one-off, they are the most expensive choice.

Types Of Display Stands

Exhibitions are a way for brands, or individuals to take their products to a wide audience who are already interested in the theme of the exhibition. The displays need impact and are designed for each exhibitor, large or small. Exhibition stands are tailored to the company or brand within the limits of their budget.

Selecting the right type of stand will make all the difference in attracting your potential customers. There will always be a compromise between space available for your display, and budget.

For a small enterprise, pull-up banners and pop-ups will give a good graphic display and be suitable for a small stand. They are reusable and can be updated, ideal for a limited budget.

With a bigger budget, a shell scheme space gives you a larger display wall using pull-up panels. It includes flooring, sockets, and lighting, making it ideal for a larger space in the show hall. Still a cost-effective option and needs less management.

The next step up, similar to shell schemes, modular exhibition displays are good options on a low budget. They take up a fair amount of space and are essentially a large graphic wall, difficult to showcase your products with additional features.

Custom modular exhibition stands have similar benefits to modular stands but could be a better choice due to their design, using floor to ceiling graphics, display cases, and audio-visual displays to attract attention. A good option for large shows to attract attention from afar.

Premium stands come in the form of custom-built exhibition stands for serious exhibitors who want a unique display to reflect their brand. With refreshment areas, office space, and interactive displays to attract traffic. They give authority at a show looking more expensive and in prime locations, enhancing the brand’s image. Costly but effective.

Let Pumpkin Sign & Display Help

Advertising is a crucial part of marketing and choosing the right display stand is vital for success at a show. Choose your best option with advice from Pumpkin Sign & Display. Take a look at the website for inspiration or get in touch for further advice and support to create the very best displays to increase your conversion.

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