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Reasons To Update Your Business Signage This Summer

Why You Should Refresh Your Business Signage this Summer

Summer is on its way and it’s the perfect time to update your business signage and give your company the refresh it needs to boost your sales. This is the season where more potential customers are out and about and you’ll have the opportunity to capture a whole new audience. That’s why your outdoor sign really needs to pack a punch and get your brand name out there. 

Your Old Business Signage Might Need Updating

Throughout the winter, your outdoor business signage might take some wear and tear. The winter weather is likely to have been wet and windy, which can take a toll on signage that’s constantly outside. Old and tired-looking signage can present an unprofessional image to your customers and might be off-putting.

The summer is a good opportunity to get new business signage that looks sparkling and clean – increasing your professional image and bringing in more opportunities for custom. Customers are more likely to be interested in a company that cares about its signage. 

Great Business Signage Creates Increased Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness is essential for all businesses and great business signage is a great place to start. Create something that’s unique and memorable and people will naturally remember your brand. Not only that, but a really effective sign could go viral online if it incorporates humour or is simply fantastically designed.

PVC Poster External Sign  

Create an Internet Friendly Mural

Looking the part is even more crucial with the introduction of online marketing. For small businesses, small business signage which is eye-catching and Instragramable is one of the biggest marketing opportunities out there. 

Capture the Summer Spenders 

Outdoor business signage is also more important during the summer months, purely because more people are likely to see it. During the winter, online shopping takes centre stage because people don’t want to go out in the cold and rain. However, warmer, drier weather means more customers hitting the high streets during summer. Outdoor signage is a great way to attract the attention of potential customers while they’re out shopping. 

Update Your Businesses Signage With Pumpkin Sign and Display 

Pumpkin Sign and Display specialise in providing innovative and eye-catching business signage tailored to your target audience. Our sign company in Corby is dedicated to helping your business capture more customers using colourful outdoor signs that perfectly convey your message and match your brand. 

For a signage refresh that’s guaranteed to build your brand, contact our design team at Pumpkin Sign and Display today!

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