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Important Items To Include On Your Company Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle graphics are a great way to advertise your company. Wrapping your vehicle with your information will help you to capture your audience while you’re out and about, expanding your local area reach and providing a free marketing opportunity. Vehicle graphics also make your company appear more professional. If you wrap all your vehicles with the same branding, your customers will gain more trust in your brand.

Once you’ve decided on using commercial vehicle wrap to market your company, you need to consider what information you want to put on there. Your vehicle wrap information is essential to point your potential customers in the right direction. So, what vehicle wrap information should you include?

Pumpkin sign and display are specialists in vehicle graphics in Corby. Our designs can help sell your business and ensure your work vehicles remain on brand.

Your Company Logo

It’s essential that you include your logo on your vehicle wrap. Your logo is the image that your customers will remember, even after your vehicle drives away. They are also more likely to recognise your local business if they see the same logo on the front of your shop or premises. Your logo is sometimes even more identifiable than your brand name.

Including your company name as part of the logo will also help your customers to remember it. This will help later when they may want to search for you online.

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Contact Details

Ultimately, you’re advertising on the vehicles because you want to bring in customers. So, you’ll need to provide contact details to allow them to contact you.

Make sure you put a phone number, email address or your local business address on your vehicle wrap information so your customers can get in touch.

Social Media Handles

Social media is a great way to research businesses and look at reviews. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram are often the first places that a potential customer will look to see what your company has to offer. Putting your social media handles on your vehicle graphics Corby will make your target audience aware that you’re proud of your reviews and products. This encourages them to look you up.

QR Codes on your Vehicle Wrap

The general public are always searching for new and improved ways to do things digitally. Remembering a company name and searching for the website or social media pages later in the day may not be practical. The easiest and most direct way to reach out to people and pull them to your website is via a QR code. If you place a QR code on your vehicle graphics, your customers can scan your vehicle on the way past and take a look at your website there and then, meaning they’re less likely to forget.

Information About Your Business

While all of the above information is important, possible the most essential piece of information for your vehicle graphics is to tell your audience exactly what you do. In a few short words, you’ll need to describe your business and services. If customers don’t know what you have to offer, they won’t look you up.

Vehicle Wrapping With Pumpkin Signs And Display

Pumpkin Sign and Display are a professional sign printing service based in Corby. They provide high quality images for your vehicle wrap which consider your business information and where it’s likely to be seen, meaning every will be in just the right place to maximise your marketing efforts.

If vehicle wrap marketing is your next big advertising step, contact us now for expert advice, branding support and imaginative designs to grab your audience’s attention.

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