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How to Make a Shop Sign For Your Business

The signage for your business is essential to your success. You need to be as eye-catching as possible and display competently, in a few words, exactly what you do on your shop sign. Complex signage with a lot of text can put off your potential customers. But it can be tricky to get everything you want to say out to them in such a small space.

Pumpkin Sign and Display are an expert sign company in Corby. We make it our business to know your business inside out and will create fabulous signs which attract potential customers and increase your conversion.

Use your Company Colours

Displaying your branding is crucial. Your colours and logo are what your customers will remember most, so make it stand out. If you already have brand colours and a logo, you’ll need to create a sign that works from all angles and in all lights to make sure everyone can see it based on your placement.

Font on your Shop Sign

Make sure you select a font that works with your industry and that is easy to read, even from a distance. Block capitals or standalone letters are best. Calligraphy and italics can be difficult to read from afar, so they probably won’t be a good match.

Make it Yours

There are probably lots of other companies doing the same thing that you do. So, it’s important that you stand out from the crowd. Making a shop sign isn’t easy, but don’t be afraid to add your personality to your design. Being a little ‘out there’ can be the thing that makes people interested in you over your competitors.

Think About the Key Information

The information that your sign needs to include will entirely depend on the purpose of the sign and its location. Signage that’s placed at the entrance your your business premises will have a different purpose to signs on the sides of company vehicles, for example.

Make sure you only display the key information. Your logo is paramount. You may also need to include a tagline to show what your business does and include a logo that represents this.

Finally, once you’ve got your potential customers’ attention, they will need to know where to find you. You may want to add an address, telephone number or email address, or even your social media handles.

High-Quality Shop Signs with Pumpkin Sign and Display

Our design experts at Pumpkin Sign and Display really know how to make a shop sign and can help you create a memorable brand that really makes you stand out. We’ll talk you through the best methods to advertise depending on location. Whether this be through neon lights or stand-out retail fascias.

Our design team knows what works for shop sign design and can provide insightful recommendations and feedback based on your colour and brand choices. We’ll then work with you to develop a truly inspirational sign package that’s guaranteed to pack a punch and bring those customers to your door.
If your business needs a facelift, contact us now for advice or to set up a scoping meeting.

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