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How to Maintain Your Van wrapping for Years to Come

Preserving Van Wraps for Years to Come

Van graphics are an amazing way to promote your business, synchronise your company fleet, or just give your van that extra personality that it needs. However, van wrapping does need a little care and attention every once in a while. Because van graphics are sitting out in all weathers, rain and shine, can be prone to cracking, peeling and fading if not properly maintained. 

But don’t worry, there are things that you can do to preserve your van wrapping for longer. 

Clean Your Van Regularly 

The first step to van wrapping maintenance is to clean your van wrapping regularly. Try not to use any chemicals. Instead, use a mild soap or detergent, just like the one you use for doing the dishes. 

Create a soap and warm water solution and use a soft cloth or microfibre to give them a quick clean. Don’t press too hard, or you risk damaging them. The trick is to wash regularly enough that you don’t need to scrub. 

Protect Your Van Graphics from the Sun 

Tip number two for van wrapping maintenance is to keep your van graphics out of direct sunlight if possible. The sun can bleach graphics if left in it continuously over time and mean that they change to a diluted colour which really isn’t what you were going for. 

To retain the bold statement of your van wrapping, try to park your van in the shade as often as possible and use a sun-protective film over the graphics. 

Part Wrapped Vehicle Graphic on Black Van

Avoid Scratching Your Van Graphics 

Scratches are a huge issue for van graphics. They can ruin the design and increase the chances of fading. 

Make sure you’re careful when you load and unload the van and try not to park too close to pathways where pedestrians may brush against the van.

If the worst should happen, there are scratch-repairing compounds that you can buy to stop the scratch from getting any worse.  

Reapply the Graphics as Needed 

Naturally, the adhesive on your van wrapping will weaken over time, especially in wet weather. When your van graphics are looking a little past their best, you should be able to pull them off without damaging the van and apply a new set. Using a heat gun will help you to secure the graphics firmly and set the adhesive so that they stay on for longer. 

Long Lasting Van Graphics With Pumpkin Sign and Display 

For long-lasting, vibrant vehicle graphics, contact Pumpkin Sign and Display. We can create fabulous designs that perfectly fit your brand or personality. We’ll get a feel for the graphics you need and provide amazing designs that perfectly fit your brief. 

If your van needs some extra flare and sparkle for your van wrapping in Corby and the surrounding areas, our highly qualified and imaginative team knows just what to do!

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