How to Choose Your Business Sign

Tips & Tricks to Choosing Company Signs

What comes to mind when I say the word “branding”? Branding is an effective marketing strategy, which directly reflects the businesses identity. Company signs are a great way of passing a message and reaching a large audience.

Business signs are a great way to get creative, they embody a colour theme, fonts, design and an, oh so important, marketing message. When producing/designing a business sign, you must consider the following;

Type of Company Signs

Here at Pumpkin Sign & Display, we manufacture and supply all types of company signs, these include; shop signs, fascia signs, projecting signs, illuminated signs, information signs, panel and post signs, health and safety signs. Each sign has its own benefits and serves different purposes, the following contains a little more information about some of the signs;

Shop Signs

Retail signs are flat-panel signs used to advertise your company name or logo. They’re typically made from Aluminium or Aluminium composite.

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs, or commonly referred to as “Neon Signs”, will need planning permission before installation. A number of our signs can be illuminated all you need to do is to speak to one of our professionals, give us a call today on 01536 402216.

Health & Safety Signs

Health and safety signs are a legal requirement for all commercial and industrial premises, and we can help you meet those requirements. We produce signs for all environments and scenarios.

Information Signs

Information signs can be anything from a directional sign, a promotional message sign, occupier listing or even an advertising sign. These signs can be made from a number of materials to suit your needs.

Sign Size & Design

How big do you wish for your sign to be? Will it be reflecting your business or a new product? Where will the sign hang? These are all key considerations when designing a business sign.

Your sign should have all necessary information and be clear for passers to understand, its size will depend on its location. If you wish to place the sign within your business, then you can get away with a smaller size and more subtle colours and fonts. However, if its a sign placed on the side of a busy motorway, then the colours and fonts need to be vibrant and the size of the sign should be dramatically increased.

Are You in Need of Some Company Signs?

Yes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Pumpkin Sign & Display, we specialise in all things signs, we help business across the nation to get their message out there. We create anything from large format graphics to cool vehicle graphics and retail signage & displays. If you would like to find out more about how we can help your business, get in touch today on 01536 402216.

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