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Event Signage: Getting ready for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to host an outdoor event. You’ll have better weather conditions which attract a wider audience to fayres, festivals and team building activity days. But to increase the satisfaction of your attendees and ensure everyone has the best experience possible, it’s essential to invest in some custom outdoor event signage.

Give Your Customers Directions with Event Signage

To make your event flow without a hitch, it’s important to make sure your guests understand where to go and are clear on the locations of specific things around your event area. 

They will need to know where the activities that interest them are held and more importantly, how to reach the toilet facilities or food areas. 

Without clear sings, your guests may become frustrated, get lost, and miss the bits of your event they were most looking forward to. 

Give Your Event Personality

Outdoor event signage can give your event that personal touch. If you brand your signage to match your business or event, then your signs are likely to be more memorable, clearer from a distance and also make your event appear more professional, as it’s clear that you’ve put thought and funding into making it look just right and truly unique. 

Event Signage Improves Health and Safety

If you’re hosting an event, it’s your responsibility to ensure your guests are all in good health and are kept safe throughout their day. 

To make this possible, outdoor event signage is essential. This can be as simple as pointing out unsafe areas near electrical points or wet floors. Or, they could remind your guests to wash their hands in unclean areas or drink lots of water during the hot summer temperatures. 

Branding signage that reminds your guests to keep themselves safe will make your event more enjoyable for everyone and minimize the emergency situations that you may face. 

Enforce and Communicate Event Rules

Every event has rules. These aren’t put in place to ruin everyone’s fun, but more to make sure that everyone has a good time collectively and respects each other. 

The key to these rules being followed is to make sure that all of your guests are fully aware of them. 

Custom outdoor event signage can remind people to pick up their litter, keep the noise down or stick to one side of the path when walking. Signs like this can keep all guests informed and make sure that everyone has a great time. 

High-Quality Event Signage From Pumpkin Sign and Display 

Here at Pumpkin Sign and Display, we create professional branded and bespoke signage for Milton Keynes. 

We’ll walk you through your signage needs to understand the scale of your requirements, discuss your branding ideas and what types of signs would work to capture your audience and brighten up your summer events, and our expert design team will present beautifully crafted event signage that guarantees your event will go off with a bang! 

For amazing custom outdoor signage, contact our team at Pumpkin Design and Display today!

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